Benefits (Why RK HR Management Only?):

» An expert HR consultant knows their market niche so intimately that they can provide excellent adviceto their clients about candidate availability, sourcing methods, salaries & benefits, hiring timeframes.

» RK HR Management filters the candidates after having intense interviews and skill test procedure andthen forwards those candidates to the employers. The employers thus, don’t have to shuffle throughhundreds of resumes that are received for the vacancy.

» When the client is recruiting directly, they sometimes overlook the fact that quality candidates willalmost always have other choices.

» A high quality management consultant knows how to most effectivelypresent job opportunities and organizations to their candidates.

» It is more economical as instead of spending on newspaper classifieds or other vacancies notifications,the expenditure can be minimized by hiring a management consultant which can simple provide thecandidates who have already been screened.

» It saves more money instead of paying for advertising in news papers, televisions and other forms just toaware candidates for job recruitment. Management consultancies reduce cost by simply providingcandidates. » After all, efficient and determined candidates with positive thoughts used to reach their perfectplatform.

Industries We Serve :

» Information Technology
» Automobile
» Engineering
» Manufacturing
» Textile
» Construction
» Pharmaceuticals / Medical / Healthcare
» Export / Import
» Hospitality
» Banking / Finance/Securities
» Education
» Telecom

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